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1 good thing, 2 bad things

2017-11-02 15:12:40 by PikaLight

good thing, i have new madness characters for my cannon animation.


bad thing. I don't know how to make the sprite cuz i suck on it

Bad thing 2. Bad quality


2017-10-31 14:37:34 by PikaLight

Well, yea, i admit i am lazy and i didn't finish the animation. Sorry clee3rd. ;)

But, i tried to be a different "style", and i tried to do my animation a bit slow.

And this shit happen.

Also, maybe i have someone for the coop animation, dunno.

but meh

No? :(


Also, this shit i started today. It's unfinished by the way

Rgessi sprite sheet made by clee3rd

Rgessi character made by hfsghhd


Happy late Madness Day!

2017-09-24 12:51:33 by PikaLight

No animation



Today is my end

2017-07-30 15:58:29 by PikaLight


Later dudes.

Oh noes

2017-07-16 15:53:51 by PikaLight

I have not used her for a long time5672153_150023477992_daaaaaaaa.png

And she is mad

post in 3:37 a.m.

2017-07-14 02:38:58 by PikaLight



Sprite-character by @Trazord

And yes, i am making the others, i'm just lazy.




Do you have a rock for me?

2017-07-09 20:15:30 by PikaLight